Who is DJ Lesser? Meet the girl behind the stories...
Pen Name: DJ Lesser
Date Of Birth: 12 th June, 1983
Physical Appearance: 157 cm, black eyes, black hair... why, you wanna know more?
Residence: Malaysia
Hobbies: (Among a few...) Reading, writing, drawing, sports, music, dreaming, computer & PSX gaming... etc
Anime/computer/PSX gaming interest: Dragonball, Evangelion, FF7, Resident Evil series, etc
Ambition: Probably a doctor, if I'm smart enough!

Other notes: Hi! I'm DJ Lesser, and I co-own this page. I like to write and I excel in English in school, but I hate mathematics! I love chocolates, but the weather in Malaysia makes it melt even before you can eat it! Generally, I'm happy and easy-going. I'm also an easy-to-please kind of person.

Jewelle, the antagonist...
Pen Name: D.M. Jewelle, Rep of Demonic Error
Date Of Birth: 6th July, 1983
Physical Appearance: 164 cm, dark brown eyes, given up growing long hair.
Residence: Malaysia
Hobbies: (Assuming free time available) Tinkering with the computer, reading, drawing, collecting manga, console RPG gaming (PS2, PSX), music, writing, and tinkering with CG.
Anime/video gaming interest (subject to change): Count Cain Series, Escaflowne, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Yami no Matsuei, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Series, Steam Detective
Ambition: Biotechnologist/ Biomedical Scientist. Failing that, a scientific reporter would hopefully work with manga-writing at the side.

Other notes: I'm Jewelle, the antagonist. I help with the page too. Well, a bit.

(Silence....)...Actually, I do the bulk of the work now.

Ignore that part. So, where were we? Oh yeah, I like plenty of stuff, but life doesn't give luxuries such as time. Yeah, from secondary school to first-year uni, 'free time' decreases exponentially. The people who thought up of assignments should be shot. ><

Note to people out there: Anime, manga and console gaming does not match with a Biotechnology/ Science-related course. Communications, however, does.

But I digress. I've evolved from a weirdo to a psychotic AND sarcastic weirdo. I'm not too fond of sweets and candies, and I think Vincent Valentine's the greatest. And so is Nagisa Kaworu, and Sephiroth, and Makoto Mizuhara, and Kane Blueriver, and Dilandau Albatou, and...

(Gets chased off by DJ) Ack!

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