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DJ Lesser

D.M. Jewelle

DJ: Hi everyone! Welcome to our little niche in the Net, The Silent Voice! It's where we put our fanfiction of various series and original stories!

Jewelle: Where do we get the ideas? Anywhere, Anytime!

DJ: TSV is co-owned by Jewelle and I, who take turns to update.

Jewelle: You can visit the 'Learn About Us'link on the left to, well, learn more about ourselves!

DJ: It's a new year ahead of us now. Each year brings about change, pleasant or otherwise. I've my own new year resolutions. Sure, there are things like keeping fit and studying hard, but I would like to concentrate on the other things in life, like communicating with my family and friends. Also, spare a thought for the less fortunate and count my lucky stars.

DJ: I hope the the years will bring everyone happiness in the whole world! (And that includes *you*!)

    Updates! Last Updated: March 27th, 2004(Jewelle)

    This isn't an update, but more of an announcement:

    This site is now a DEAD site.

    We're both in our third year of university. DJ's doing medicine, and I'm doing medical bioscience. She's in Australia, I'm still in Malaysia. Simply put, we're SWAMPED.

    The love of Sailormoon and its fanfic realm has finally eluded us after a good seven years, and we've both moved on to other interests in life. The site was fun, and we indeed learnt quite a bit making it into the half-baked mess that it is now, but it's time to say goodbye. There'll be no more updates, and any fanfics/reviews sent to us will now be deleted without reply.

    Not to worry though, everything that was once here will still be here, so you can come and relive old memories (WHAT MEMORIES? :P) of everything that used to be here. For those who actually visit, I now keep a blog, it's nothing that can't be found with a simple google search (hint: use my nick ^_-), so if you actually missed me, well, you know where to go.

    And now, I leave. Peace, all 15000 of you. \m/.

    Silent Voice, 23/3/1997 - 27/3/1997

    Quote of the moment

    Here lies Old Miller,
    He's way past his prime,
    He drank a pint of weedkiller,
    With a half-twist of lime.

    - The Curse of Monkey Island

    Copyright DJ Lesser and Jewelle.
    This page was made on 23rd March 1997, lived until 27th March 2004
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