DJ: Here are the approved fanfics that have caught our eyes!
Jewelle: We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!
DJ: Fanfics are sorted by series.


The Ballad of Piccolo and Gohan
By Dot
Homepage: Dot's Fiction Corner
Note : The 'missing' year in volume 18.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

The Child Of Love
By Axel Terizaki
Homepage: ASUKA's Notebook First Gateway []
ASUKA's Notebook Second Gateway []
ASUKA's Notebook Third Gateway []

DJ: Now here's a good Eva fic! Asuka gets pregnant! Oh no!

First Month - The Day After The Announcement
Second Month - A nanny nees pratice...
Third Month - A new threat
Fourth Month - Something you shouldn't see behind this door
Fifth Month - The Shield
Sixth Month - Prove Your Love To Me
Seventh Month - I Am Not Worthy
Eighth Month - You Are Not Alone
Ninth Month - A final purpose, a final promise

Lift Your Head Up High
By Bastion
Note: This is a songfic. Based on the last episode of EVA. Spoiler Alert!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon

By Gramarye
Note : Based on the NA Sailor Moon.
Jewelle: Misericordia means something, doesn't it? It may be too strong for some people, though.

Rinse, then Repeat
By Gramarye
Note : The follow-up to Misericordia, starring the original BSSM characters!

A Love Like No Other
By Cyperian of Cyprus (Emily Waldon)
Note : VERY long. I suggest you download it and read it offline. Nice story, though!

Head Games
By Cyperian of Cyprus (Emily Waldon)
Note : VERY long. I've yet to read it even.

The Birth of Evil
By Cyperian of Cyprus (Emily Waldon)
Note : I could've *sworn* I've heard the name Emily Waldon somewhere before.

Monkeys and Bats-an H&M parody
By DW (I forgot the email address)
Note : DW, if you recognize this, *please* give me your email address!

Meant To Be
By Blue
Note : Just because we're destined, are we meant to be?

A Day in the Rose Garden of Good & Evil aka Everybody Loves Mamoru
By Bastion
Note : What happens when Mamoru isn't the nice guy we think him out to be? Read this then!

Moon Hunters
By Neil Burns
Note: Sailormoon-Sorceror Hunters Crossover. I put it up because it was quite funny. Uses American names.

Vision of Escaflowne

By Natalie Bain
Homepage: Firecat Fanfic
Note : A sweet 'epilogue-like' fanfic about Celena. SPoIleR aLeRt!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Letters to Whistler, Letters from Ireland, Letters from My Father
By Harpy
Homepage: Letters to Whistler, Harpy's Fanfiction
Note : It's ongoing, and it's one of the best fanfic of any series that I've ever read! It made me smile and cry and felt warm all over. A warning, though! It's for mature audience only! It's linked to his/her main site, so just click on the series that you want to read after the page is loaded!

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