DJ : Okay, in this section there will be spoofs and funny stuff, as well as things that don't fit in anywhere else in TSV. Please note that these stuff are done with a light heart and is not meant to be taken seriously!

Song / Poem : Castles of Sand
Self explanatory ^__^
Status : Up and working!

Haiku : Blood and Fire
A little something I wrote when I was feeling particularly dark.
Status : Up and working!

Clichés : Fanfics are full of them!
As a fanfic writer, I noticed that a lot of themes get recycled over and over again...And thus making them into clichés! Have you ever read a fanfic and go, 'Not again!' at the storyline? Well, that's what clichés are all about!
Status : Up and working!

Okay, so this section isn't very great! But you can't harm me for trying! =)

My first Neon Genesis Evangelion sketch. Click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version!


Click here for picture!
A pic I drew and coloured some time ago of Sailor Uranus.

Click here for picture!
A pic I drew of a close friend of mine, Disaster, in a compromising position! *Not that compromising, you hentais!!* ^^; Coloured for me by another good friend, Weewoo!

Friends and Family!
I decided to set up this section to put in stuff that don't really fit in anywhere else, but that I'd like to see put up in TSV anyway! =)

Weewoo's CGs!

Nerv Logo!
A Nerv Logo (Neon Genesis Evangelion) with a different... twist ;)

Third Angel!
(Neon Genesis Evangelion) It's the third Angel, Sachiel!

Myrtle's Art!

Ikari Shinji
(Neon Genesis Evangelion) None other than the main character from Eva =)

Blossom Utonium!
(Powerpuff Girls) Blossom, the leader of the powerpuff girls!

Bubbles Utonium!
(Powerpuff Girls) Bubbles, the baby of the powerpuff girls!

Buttercup Utonium!
(Powerpuff Girls) Buttercup, the fighter of the powerpuff girls!

DJ : That's all I have for now! Do come back another time!

Got your own funny stuff to contribute? Tell me and I'll give you credit!
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