Christmas Magic!

Cast :
Shinguuji Sakura  Angelica (older sister)
Chateaubriand Iris  Anna (younger sister)
Ichirou Oogami  Father
Ri Kohran  Mother
Kanzaki Sumire  Christmas Magic (Christmas Fairy)
Kirishima Kanna  Charlotte (Bad Fairy)
Tachibana Maria  Director


              Sakura peeped out from behind the curtains. It was a full house at the Imperial Theater, which is no surprise, since tonight is Christmas Eve. They were performing an original Christmas play, written by Maria. Surprisingly enough, Maria didnít include herself in her own play! She became the Director instead. 

              Maria patted Sakuraís shoulder and smiled encouragingly as the curtains rose. Sakura smiled back. ĎChristmas Magic!í was about to begin... 


(Angelica and Annaís bedroom) 
              Angelica and Anna were both in bed, just tucked in by their parents. After bidding their daughters goodnight, Mr. And Mrs. Thomas retreated from the stage. 

              "Sis?" Anna asked with barely suppressed enthusiasm. She had faked being sleepy after all, thought Angelica. 
              "What is it?" 
              "I saw Magic today! Sheís a Christmas fairy and she promised me lots of fun on Christmas!" 
              Angelica scoffed. "Donít be silly. Thereís no such thing as magic. Go to sleep." 
              "Oh..." Replied Anna, clearly disappointed. 


Act 1 
(Skies of Tokyo) 
              "Hmm? Where am I?" Angelica looked around her, rubbing the sleep away from her eyes. She was wearing her nightgown, but she wasnít in her room! Her surroundings were misty and she seemed to be floating on the skies of Tokyo city! 
              "Welcome, Angelica, to my world. I am Magic, or more specifically, Christmas Magic." Sumire stepped onstage, dressed in a sexy sea-green simmering dress that showed off her curves well. On her back are delicate, translucent wings. She smiled as she showed herself to Angelica. 
              "Itís just a dream!" Angelica muttered in disbelief, her eyes growing as big as saucers. 
              Magicís eyes shone with mischief. "Is it? Iíve worked hard to make Christmas a happy time for everyone, but it seems like my Magic doesnít work on you. You even disappoint your own sister on Christmas Eve. I wonder  why?" 
              "Wake up, wake up, wake up," Angelica kept repeating those words. Light snow began to fall on them, and Angelica felt the icy coldness of each tiny flake. 
              "Even now you refuse to believe in me? That we are indeed floating above Tokyo city during Christmas Eve?" 
              Angelica shut her eyes and shook her head. 
              "Iím just having a dream." 


Act 2 
(Angelica and Annaís bedroom) 
              Angelica sat up in bed. "See, it was a dream," she told herself. 
              Magicís face appeared next to her. 
              "WAH!!" Angelica screamed and pulled her blankets. "Youíre... Youíre...!!!" 
              Magic smiled. "Yes, Iím real." 
              "Wah ha ha ha! So am I!" Kanna appeared in a puff of clouds, dressed in a long red dress, with long blood red fingernails. 
              Angelica recoiled in horror. "Who are you?" 
              "Iím Charlotte, and Iím opposite everything (hmmph) Magic is! You are one of mine!" 
              Magic shook her head. "Go back to where you belong. Angelica is not one of yours!" 
              "Ah, but she doesnít believe in you, nor your work, does she?" Charlotte grinned evilly. Angelica just sat in bed, dumbstruck by the two Ďfairiesí in front of her. 
              Charlotte silenced Magic before she could reply. "You can have her. Since youíre taking one of mine, Iím taking one of yours! Ha Ha Ha Ha!" Charlotte declared, and touched sleeping Annaís forehead. Anna began to twist and turn, moaning uncomfortably. Charlotte laughed maniacally. 
              "No! Take your filthy hands of the child!" Magic ordered. 
              "You have no power over me!" laughed Charlotte. 
              "Stay away from my sister!" Angelica shouted. She got out of bed and pushed Charlotte away from Anna. Charlotte fell backwards, knocking into a lamp stand. Standing up, she saw Angelica trying to wake her younger sister, but failed. Charlotte took the opportunity to pounce on Angelica. 
              "By the Spirit of Christmas, I command you, be gone!" A wave of sparkles washed flew from Magicís hands and washed over Charlotte. 
              "Ahh!!! You may have won for now, but Anna will awaken to be as skeptical and cynical as a hardened soldier!" With that one last cry, Charlotte disappeared. 
              Angelica was worried. "Magic, would Anna be alright?" 
              Magic shook her head sadly. "Charlotte stole Annaís innocence, her faith in me. Anna would be as unbelieving as..." 
              "As me..." Angelica whispered. "Isnít there a way you can make her just the way she was?" Angelica pleaded. "I ... I really believe in you now, Magic. I believe in Christmas, and you have to help Anna! Sheís only six years old!" 
              Magic smiled. "Your faith gives me strength. I will try my best, but the rest is up to you." A shower of tiny glittering stars fluttered down on Annaís sleeping form. 
              "Remember, faith gives birth to hope. Sleep now, child. Tomorrow will be Christmas!" The mischief returned to Magicís eyes. With a poof, Magic disappeared. 
              Angelica went to sleep, without another word. 


Act 3 
(Angelica and Annaís bedroom) 
              "Angelica! Angelica! Wake up! Itís Christmas!" Anna shouted excitedly. 
              "Huh? What?" Angelica said sleepily. Suddenly awake, she grabbed Annaís shoulders. "Anna! Youíre alright!" 
              "Huh? What are you talking about, Sis? Anyway, I had a really scary dream. Thereís was this bad fairy that tried to hurt me, but you and Magic saved me!" Anna said in a rush. "Wake up! Itís Christmas!" 
              Angelica threw off her blankets and quickly got changed. She and Anna ran downstairs, where their parents were already waiting by the Christmas tree. 
              "Merry Christmas, Mom! Merry Christmas, Dad!" They both shouted. They gave their parents a big hug and the curtains slowly came down. 

              The applause from the audience was thunderous. The curtains were raised up again, and Kanna, Kohran, Sakura, Maria, Sumire, Oogami and Iris appeared hand in hand, and gave a deep bow. The audience gave them a standing ovation. 
              "Ladies and gentlemen, that was Christmas Magic!, written and directed by our very own Maria Tachibana! Thank you for watching Christmas Magic!, and everyone from the Imperial Theater would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Thank you and goodnight!" said the announcer. 
              The curtain came down for a final time, and the audience began to leave. 


              "We did it!!!" Sakura and Iris jumped up and down together. Sakura was flushed with elation at having completed her first play, where she played a lead role. "They loved us!" She ran to Maria. "Maria, I canít thank you enough for letting my take part in this play!" 
              Maria smiled. "The pleasure was all mine." 
              "Hey everyone, how about a little Christmas Eve celebration?" Oogami yelled. "My treat!" 
              "Yeah!" replied the Imperial Flower Group. 

The End.   =Þ 

Authorís Notes : Okay, this is the first Sakura Wars fanfic Iíve ever written. I admit itís a very simple, straightforward story without any sub-elements. Iíve never played Sakura Wars before but Iím very impressed by it. I hope to write more Sakura Wars fanfic in the future. If you have any ideas, donít hesitate to tell me all about it!

Yours Truly,
DJ Lesser © 1999

P/S: Thanks, Spike Spiegel! This one's for you!

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