Various Fanfiction by DJ Lesser

Sakura Wars Fanfiction
DJ's Notes: A friend showed me the OVA and now I'm an addict!!

New Year is in the air at the Imperial Theater!
Additional Information: Relationship
Cast: Everyone from the Imperial Flower Group.
Status : Up and working!

Christmas Magic!
The Imperial Theater is all geared up for a special Christmas play!
Cast: Everyone from the Imperial Flower Group.
Status : Up and working!

Evangelion Fanfiction
DJ's Notes: Shin Seiki Evangelion is the current phase I'm going through, so here are my fics to show it!

Heaven In Your Eyes
A series of events plague Shinji and Asuka into a final confrontation...
Cast: Shinji and Asuka. Also Misato, Kensuke and Toji
Status : Up and working!

Ayanami's Lesson : Soul Searching (txt format)
Ayanami's Lesson : Soul Searching (html format)
Ayanami Rei does a little soul searching with the help of a 'friend'. Will she regain her humanity? Read on!
Cast: Ayanami Rei and Sohryu Teri.
Status: Up and working!

Dragonball Fanfiction
DJ's Notes: It's hard to write good Dragonball fanfics with the wide variety and high quality 'fics available on the Net, but here's my shot at it.

Bulma and Trunks both accept the fact that Vegita is gone, and they only have each other. One-piece work.
Cast: Future Trunks and Bulma.
Status: Up and working!

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
DJ's Notes: This section currently house only one short fic. I hope to add more soon.

Better to have loved
Since this is so short, I can't say anything without giving the entire story away.
Cast: Cloud, Tifa and Vincent.
Status: Up and working!

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