DJ's Notes: I seem to write epics better than I write short stories, but that's because I get to create my own characters. But then again, I lack total discipline to finish them!

In an alternate universe... A world torn apart by savage wars... A group of strangers meet, friends reunited. Together, they experience the adventure of their lives. Contains some action scenes, some subtle comedy, some romance... If you liked Final Fantasy VII, you might like this.
Additional information: Avengelist's counterpart is done by Jewelle, and is currently known as Genocide.
Status: Six parts (and a map!) up!

Actually, this story belongs to Jewelle. But I feel this is one of her best works, and I just couldn't resist putting it here. Set in the not-so-distant future, a group of friends work together to keep the world safe. Can they do it? (BTW, if you say yes, be ready for some surprises!)
If it justifies anything, I helped her with the story.
Additional information: Contain four parts.
Status: Up and working!

One-piece works
DJ's Notes: Since I feel I write epics better, there are only few short stories that I've ever done.

Unexpected Gift
A little side-story to Avengelist. Featuring none other than the great General Kallista herself, we get a tiny, tiny glimpse into her past, and a hint of her future. Meant to be read after reading Jewelle's Genocide, nonetheless, it makes an interesting story by itself. (My English teacher can vouch for that!)
Additional information: Interesting to Avengelist readers!
Status: Up and working!

Untitled teaser
A showdown between two triad groups.
Additional information: Probably the beginning of a story that won't finish ^^
Status: Up and working!


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